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IT Audit

How our iT auditing services can substantially benefit your business

IT Auditing services are essential for your business and cover all the potential issues you may stumble across. At Realtime IT Solutions, we can help you to fully utilize and take advantage of your technology.

Solving issues regarding computer systems and software

Establishing that all computers are running on updated versions of software is very important as non-updated computer systems can be taken over and accessed by unknown users, via the network, and used to attack the network itself as well as other websites. Realtime IT Solutions will check your computer systems and ensure that everything is fully operational.

Complications with performance and networking

Spotting physical connectivity issues, DNS issues, and routing loops. Rectifying issues regarding different devices losing connectivity. Debugging weak performance of servers and other devices.

Cyber Security on devices

Not having anti-virus software on your computer systems is a huge risk as the system is then vulnerable to different types of malware, such as trojan, spyware, worms, etc. Realtime IT Solutions will ensure that your computer systems will have the latest anti-virus and the most powerful cyber security software tools.

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